Interloper Films’ ongoing documentary A TOTAL DISRUPTION features short pieces that highlight tech disruptors in Silicon Valley and across the world. Like the project’s subject matter and distribution model, I approached the design with a fundamentally disruptive attitude, trying to find a new look for each entry while maintaining an overall brand of curious high-concept infographics. It was a joy to visualize the many ways these individuals are re-thinking and re-defining all aspects of the way we live.

Director & Producer: Ondi Timoner
Co-producer: Nick Corcorran
Editors: Michael Colin Russell, Brenda Guadron, Michael Engelken
Motion Graphics: Cullen Parr
Graphics Interns: James Kinder, Kayleigh Jaffe
Singularity University, a group committed to innovations in technology that will better human evolution
MayDay PAC, an organization dedicated to overturning Citizens United and getting corporate money out of politics
Zest Finance, a company that invented  new machine learning algorithms to give more reliable credit scores
Noodle, a company that uses search analytics to help students and parents make smarter education decisions
Craft Coffee, Coffee distributor that connects consumers to small artisanal coffee growers across the world
Veritas Prep, GMAT prep school that specializes in live online classes. Veritas Prep hired Interloper/A Total Disruption to produce this branded content piece for them
THE LAST MILE, 16-minute short film about a tech incubator inside San Quentin State Prison. Co-produced with WIRED/Condé Nast Entertainment. Official selection, SXSW 2015


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