Indie filmmaking powerhouse Ondi Timoner's 2015 feature documentary BRAND: A SECOND COMING needed some imaginative animation to give life to one of its titular character's many, many rapid-fire philosophical tangents. Building off of the aesthetic established by Expensive Shit's main and end titles for the film, I created two sequences of bold, loose hand-drawn animation that flow seamlessly from idea to idea, even weaving in and out of footage.

In addition to animating these sequences, I delivered about forty other graphics for the film treating the gamut of news headlines, tweets, and viral videos that have surrounded Russell's oft-intertwined career and personal lives.
Director & Producer: Ondi Timoner
Co-Producer: Nick Corcorran
Associate Producer & Lead Assistant Editor: Alex Hadden
Design & Animation: Cullen Parr
Animation Interns: James Kinder & Kayleigh Jaffe


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