Robin Carnilius’ LGBT comedy webseries McTucky Fried High was years ahead of its time in the way it gave  voice to a wide range of teen issues often overlooked in media, including homophobia, coming out, STD stigma, and religious freedom. The show’s nuanced characters and unflinching subject matter gave me a lot of opportunities to explore what’s interesting to me in animation, while working within a limited technique to manage the particularly high volume of content. In addition to contributing character animation and layout for Seasons 1 and 2, I played a key role in rigging and pipeline development.

Creator & Designer: Robin Carnilius
Animators | Season 1: Cullen Parr, Rachael McDonald
Animators | Season 2: Cullen Parr, Lydia Fu, Rafaella Angelica Nepales, Rachael McDonald, Ash Brayley, Kevin Ryan, Maxwell Aston


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